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Is bullet train a necessity?

A prosperous India is definitely a great benchmark for other countries to emulate and showcase ourselves as a leader on the leader-board.

A bullet train is certainly one such answer to the doubting thomases of the world that India as a country can think beyond and emerge as a great leader. We have done it before, be it in the field of pharmaceuticals, software, space, engineering, NDB (BRICS development bank) and the list just goes on.  Probably, the present Government thinks big like making the biggest / tallest statue in the world, having a bullet train, check mating Pakistan in its own game, shooting down militants by entering into the neighbouring country, etc. It looks good for a moment and surely these are good and great achievements for each of us Indians to savour.

Bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai make not much of a sense. Thats because, both the cities are highly developed. And what more development should they make to increase the GDP of the country. Instead, borrowing the Chinese model, our leaders should make an attempt to bring forward the un-developed and under developed cities to their full potential.

Let there be a bullet train that connects the east and west of the country, Mumbai to Kolkata for example. By doing this, there will be scores of cities that will get connected, instead of just two, and then surely, we will see development across the breadth of the country. Its the apt situation and apt medicine for the development of the country. The biggest winners will be the states in the Central India Belt that requires the most development.

Next Bullet train should be between Kolkata and each of the Seven Sisters of the North East India, that is dying for development and the most neglected part of India. By having these two bullet trains, we can effectively connect the most backward states to the most developed states. We will surely see a jump in the development of the country.

However, more than the bullet trains, there are more pressing concerns that the country is facing today. If only the successive governments, from the time of independence had given a thought, that a healthy India meant a more prosperous India, we as a nation today would have had many more bullet trains across various cities in India. Rs. 30000 crores per year, is just a pittance spent on health, with so many health problems across the length and breadth of the country. The only successive health campaigns, so far implemented that have shown tremendous results are polio and leprosy. Many more such diseases and health concerns like Malaria, TB, HIV, cancers etc have yet to see such successful implementations.

One great way to implement health programmes in India would be making birth events of every citizen a compulsory notifiable event. All children should be educated till the secondary level, mandatorily with one subject on health, one subject on moral science, one subject on sports and one subject on public awareness campaigns, as part of the curriculum. Let this education be free of cost to all Indian citizens. All citizens should have a compulsory health insurance with the Government share at 50%. All health institutions should provide health services that includes diagnosis, surgeries and after surgery care, at the most affordable prices.

Infact, the country’s elite (read politicians) should understand that we as a country and its countrymen are fighting a battle with many a unseen enemy (read health urgencies). The policy makers should make an attempt to bite the health bullet and make amends in correcting the situation and keep the bullet train in the cold storage.


The Next PM! Who?

That’s the big dilemma that the Aam Aadmi has.

Is it going to be the neta who is holding the emotional card? Is it going to be the neta who is hoping against hope to wipe their tears?

Both netas seem to be in a hurry and are in the parties that are riddled in corruption and crime. One’s party is known for corruption and corrupt practices and the other is known for crime and communalism. Thus, even if any of them takes power, it’s the 3Cs – Crime, Corruption and Communalism that is going to rule the country. What a pity? Either way, the common man suffers.  And, poor Gandhiji must be running pillar and post in the heavens to set things right back in India.

The question is, what if the middle path is chosen by the common man. That is neither of the above. A government full of regional parties. Oh My God! This is more difficult than the dilemma solution. This is confusion. Every party would like to have its own pie. People will surely be forgotten. It’s a frightful scenario. The Chow-chow parties have never been successful due to the pull and push of the regional agendas.

All in all, who is to be blamed. The Common man who gets swayed by the leaders’ promises. Only wish, we still had great leaders like the great Shri Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel and Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri, the only leaders who never thought of themselves, but of the people and country. Only wonder, why new leaders cannot emulate them completely.

Sab kuch seeka humney, na seeki hoshiyaari… Apart from the 3Cs, Polarisation is the new catch word of the day. Every leader seems to be polarizing the people. The Aam Janta is not able to understand the real motive behind the leaders’ bhaashan.  When will the aam Aadmi become hoshiyaar? The note for vote started it all. And from then we have seen many shams, scams and what not.

Vote dho aur Roti, Kapda, Makaan free lo. Wish this will also become a reality one day. Thats the way things go on in many parts of the country. Its just votes for notes or votes quid pro quo.

Just not notes now, but its going to be bills and acts for the people. Suddenly, the Government realizes that it wants to continue and pro-people laws are being manufactured either through Parliament or through ordinances. Remember, the opposition is hand in glove with the Government, that’s because, no law in Parliament gets passed without the opposition votes. Though the opposition cries hoarse outside the Parliaments, they seem to be sitting ducks in the Parliament.

Jago Aam Aadmi and Aam Janta.


Article by Uma. K    (team@IndiaTomorrow)

Looking at the present situation of politics in India,a very genuine question arises in the minds of us Indians – “Is there an alternative means to run our country, as experience of 55 years has confirmed, that politicians main aim has been for their own benefits, at the cost of our country.”

What exactly do we mean by the word politician?

Generalising, we can say, a politician is one, who can act accordingly with the present situation, keeping in mind the interest of all concerned. He should have the ability to be in tune with the present situation, removing the vices with gentle methods, without hurting the feelings of the masses. Lord Krishna was a big politician.

These few lines, are in itself proof enough, that in any given era, Politics and Politicians are a must. Therefore, instead of seeking for an alternative method, we can come up with solutions, as to how Politics can be improved upon. The only trouble is that politics has become dirty. Money, power, fame and name have become a priority of most of the intelligent lot. In olden times, people in politics were attached with Spirituality. Like Mahatma Gandhi. He was aggressive where it was needed for the development of the nation. Shastriji was a politician whom the whole nation adored. He lived for the people. There were many, who lived and died for the welfare of the nation.

Nowadays, politics is attached with personal growth. The monetary bank balance of a politician is more important to him, than his Spiritual bank balance. No doubt, the politicians are needed in these times too. Each cannot be his own master, and start ruling the nation, it will create a big havoc. Some norms have to be set and followed. The politicians need to change their attitude.

To bring about such a change, where politicians once again start realizing their Spiritual bond towards their own soul, a group discussion was held, and youngsters came up with beautiful suggestions. They were really thought provoking.

This is what Gargi Agrawal, a student had to say, “In a way, each person is a politician. In any method that you adopt, there is a captain who runs the system, to make the team work in an effective manner. Bosses in the office, business tycoons, so much so parents too — who have a whole say, at the home front.”

Sandeep, an upcoming artist airs his views, “Why to remove politicians at first place?. Politics is a very good subject of education. And also a good means to learn and earn. Basically It should be given industry status. Its single largest industry in India (turn over wise). And the only second industry where there is NO capital investment. The only other No capital investment industry is begging. So why not improvise the system? I have a small suggestion for this. Lets have a political institute to the likes of IIM, with a political curriculam based educational degree and diploma. And lets make it mandatory to pass this degree to qualify for the MP position and may be diploma for the MLA position. The course should include everything from Finance, External affairs, Disaster management, to hard core politics. There should be CET for the course and let as many people participate in the test. This way we can atleast have the best political brains and can bring more transparency in the system.”

Vivek, an IT student puts his views, “In 55 years, today India is on the path of being a superpower, this is because of politicians, they may be and some are, but then, it is they who have made India strong. And i Quote Plato ” if good men are not willing to join politics than they should be wiling to be govern by scoundrels”

Lets see what Rajesh, the owner of a company has to say. According to him, “I think 60 years of Post Indepence, our poltical system has been classical case of fence eating the grass. You have the fence to protect you, but that has not happened. I think we should not have ministerial type of government. I mean ministers should not be made as Executive (Head) of departments like we have Finance, Railways and others. Instead elected ministers should be responsible for policy making only and departments should be headed by qualified people. People come into politics because its lucrative, they know 5 years in any ministry they can recover the money they have invested to win and make profit too. We need to make this as non lucrative. Ministers should only get to make policies for the people and it will be run by professionals. Then. who will make sure these professionals are not corrupt, this should be another task for the elected members or ministers. Something similar like US system or old Roman democratic system.”

Subha,a student was sitting patiently,waiting for her turn, “Instead of removing politicians, we can reconstitute the system like this..

Every politician, irrespective of party or family must first stand in village, town, city and then represent country… just the way we get promotions in company…they should atleast serve 2 terms in each position… The election should not be party based… i.e every person has to stand individually… spend individually… to be elected individually… if more no of persons like one person… he has to become CM or PM…. No Public meetings, No road side wall writings, No banners. At the maximum a short notice paper, highlighting truely their acheivements, that should be distributed by the individual himself or the people who canvass for him door to door. They should disclose their income and get IT clearance, before standing in election. No more than 2 terms in any position for any individual. If he is exceptional, then a non-partisan person like Governor or President or Justice should decide to extend term.”

These were really great views by enlightened youngsters. If these children are given proper political education, no need to say, India will have great prospective leaders in them.

We want in these times, politicians who come together for the welfare of the masses. I will not say they are not intelligent. Reaching up there in itself requires a lot of brain work. Big promises are made which is in according to the needs of the nation. People are attracted and give votes to them. Simple Indian people who have big hearts,and faith in their leaders. But after reaching the top, suddenly, a break comes in their actions. A “BIG U TURN” and all promises are forgotten,and they start living for their personal development.

If they start following the footsteps of their great leaders, who die rather than break their promises made to the masses, INDIA can once again gain the position which it holds a right to have.

Truely, we have new leaders of India in the making and we hope that, India will soon have a new dawn.

We are growing !!!

The next President…. Who will this coveted post go to? Who is the next President? Will he or she be a genNext President?

I was reading recently – the news section. Speculation rife, it will be Shekawath. Lets wait with some baited breath for our new commander. But, nevertheless, we at IndiaTomorrow will also join in speculating about the same. So, watchout for more on this.

Meanwhile, now our team at IndiaTomorrow is growing. We now have a Technical Advisor in place and three writers. We are waiting for two more to join in. We are waiting for one from the USA and one from South Africa to join us. We shall go slow for the moment, as the gears are being put in place. Surely, we shall go full throttle sooner.

We will let you know as things progress.


India Tomorrow … An Introduction

I will leave the current situation, for the magazine India Today. They are perfect with their news and views.

Thought I will visit the tomorrow, India Tomorrow. I dread to think about it.

No mean achievement for our country. While it took above 400 years for US to be what it is today, it took India just about 60 years to match the prowess of US.

Match the prowess of US, yes. Otherwise, why do you think that US runs behind India every now and then for some treaty or the other. Just to safeguard their position as numero uno. India has arrived on the scene giving jerks to many starlwart countries. But that was until today.

What about India Tomorrow?

A bleak future!!! A different India!!!

Yes, We see a bleak future for India, where rich will become richer and the poor will stay poor, rather get more poorer.

Where were the Indian millionaries when Mumbai was flooded, when Bangalore was marooned, when Hyderabad was filled with water and when Gujarat was beset with disaster after disaster. Where were they? Well, very few Indian millionaries are philanthropic, while majority of the millionaires have created wealth by spending every drop of their blood and sweat. So, why give to others what has been earned with a lot of hard work. We at India Tomorrow, only wish that if every millonaire were to adopt one village each, for every two years within the vicinity of their residence, and develop it, then India would have many more millionaires.

India has one the highest Below Poverty Line category of people. These people can never come up in life due to various factors. Health is one of the major factor. The suicide rates will surely increase. The health concerns will be ever growing, add to that, India has a faulty Health System mechanism in place. We have got the best hospitals in the world, keeping pace with the ongoing technology. But, humanely speaking, is it affordable by the common man. The very word “hospital”, is frightening to the common man. With 3 star to 5 star based facilities, will the common man ever think to venture to get himself or herself treated?  With no Social Security concept in place, the health situation of the people in India will surely not improve for long and the health aspect is going to be a ever growing question mark for the people. In the current scenario, what India needs is more focus on preventive health system, and not on curative health system.

India is 60 years old. Wow, our country is a senior citizen today. But there is every chance that the breed of VP Singh may occur again. And we only hope that they dont. But with politicians appeasing the masses by providing reservations just for the sake of vote bank politics, there is every chance that India may slip into the red once again. We have a Arjun Singh today. Perhaps, another reservation specialist will be around tomorrow. Reservations are good, but not for a life time or rather eternity. We require reservations, but that should be for those who are under to below poverty line, so as to lift thir current situation. Reservations should not be tagged for life. It should be tagged for a certain period of time. Reservations should be only for educational purpose and not for work. A suggestion, why not remove reservations and provide education free of cost, at Government expense, for all children across the country, till Class Ten. Let the parents fund the children studies for the next two years. And then the child is drafted into the defense forces, under compulsory recruitment. Then again 3 years of study funded by the parents. Wow, we will have a wunderful, responsible, loyal and committed citizen by then. It is high time that the RESERVATIONS go, are stopped and their chapters closed. Isn’t reservations actually fueling caste based politics, isn’t it creating a caste based society? When is our dear independent India ever going to project to the world that we all are one, one in spirit, one as humans, one as Indians? 60 years have gone by and India still remains divided based on caste, creed, language, religion, regionalism, etc. Question to ponder: When are we ever going to be one?

Lalu Prasad Yadav, lecturer in IIM-A. Fantastic, this can only be made possible, once in a life time. This breed may not recur again. We only hope they do, atleast for the national government. We can see many more ministries showcasing a better result year after year. Today, he garners respect for the simple reason that he has not interfered in the working aspect of the railways. He has just allowed the personnel to perform and perform to the best, by being a good supervisor, leader and a lead-by-example manager. Was just wondering, why Bihar reversed back in history during the family’s 15 year rule? Well, it is now a passe. But does that mean there is no corruption. Corruption is rampant every where. Bribery is likened to paper weight on a yet to be moved file. The paper weight has to be in place at the earliest, so that the file moves in the right direction to the next table and not into the old dusty shelf or more so into the dustbin. Corruption scores atleast 75 percent of marks, if there were to be a competition between the various personal traits (honesty, loyalty, committment, corruption, punctuality, etc) at work, across India. Corruption finds its place everywhere, right from the top brass to the lower most post in the decision making industry (institution/organisation/department). Difficult to remove this character, so much so, for some, it has become  a part of life. Even with the CVC in place, things dont seem to be improved. They are still getting worse.

Todays children, tomorrows pillars. Todays foundation, tomorrows towers. Well, no more. With the spurt of so called knowledge based centers and centers for learning, are we creating or churning out scientists, strategists, physicists etc. We are not. If at all, we are creating, then it is for the other countries (read brain drain) only.

With the number of BPOs and Call Centers rising, we are creating a pool of mechanised typists and phone callers. No more Kalams, no more Sarabhais, no more Amartyas, no more Narayan Murthys. They will never be born again in any of our future children. Todays children, while in children are preparing themselves to get into BPOs and to earn fast bucks. Not many are interested in learning further. Sadly, this wave of BPOs has hit the country very hard, which we are all yet to realise. No doubt, it has created a new economy, with more money for the people and industry alike. But then, does India’s future lie in the BPOs? What will happen to our farming sector, our industrial sector, service sector, and other major revenue spinners? A question to ponder.

Friends, today is just an introduction of India Tomorrow. We shall get back to you in detail on supposedly the future happenings on various issues.